“The Confederation of Trade Unions of Slovenia PERGAM, was delighted to work with the RED Learning Coop in 2018 and 2019, developing and delivering workshops for a 2-day educational seminar. The seminar took place in Slovenia on 28th and 29th March 2019, where representatives from RED delivered a seminar on “Challenges and Opportunities for the Trade Union Movement in the UK: Survival or Extinction?”.The seminar was attended by 125 trade union representatives from the private and public sectors from all over Slovenia.”

Nina Mežan, International Cooperation Adviser/Project Manager KSS PERGAM

Full details on the 2-day seminar

Tracy Walsh, Pergam Seminar, Slovenia, March 2019
Tracy Walsh, Pergam Seminar, Slovenia, March 2019

“Without doubt the RED Learning Cooperative is my first port of call for the best union learning experience for women members in the South East. The facilitators continually provide first class tailored training courses which for us, have included women’s residential leadership weekend courses and shorter workshops for our South East Regional Women’s Forum. The training and support has enabled many women activists to take up senior roles in the region with confidence.”

Fiona Roberts, Regional Women’s Officer, UNISON South East

“I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with Ian Manborde, Fenella Porter, Tracy Walsh and Caroline Holmes on joint worker/labour education initiatives. They are all dedicated academics and educators with an enormous wealth of knowledge on a range of issues including trade union organizing, women’s global labour rights, health and safety, corporate policy, political action, worker empowerment, global labour cooperation, and workplace change. Ian, Fenella, Tracy and Caroline all walk in the footsteps of the late Albert Manbridge as they want to make education accessible to all workers regardless of their personal circumstances. Their pedagogical approach is informed by the work of theorists like Paulo Freire. Ian, Fenella, Tracy and Caroline are familiar with new and emerging teaching techniques and technologies. Students participating in their programs will experience personal growth and see new avenues for further enrichment opened to them.”

Jason Russell, PhD, Empire State College SUNYt

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