All about us

WHO are we? The RED collective is a wholly unique collaboration of activist educators. We take a collective and co-creation approach to all that we do. Our co-operative is comprised of practitioners significantly rooted in the methodology of enabling radical social change through the application of transformational teaching and learning practices. We are visionaries but also practical.

WHAT do we do? We embed a specific focus in our work (for example in designing workshops and content) on the contribution of all in the development of knowledge-making necessary for social change. We acknowledge the rich, valuable depths of prior experience and knowledge in shaping how and what learning is taking place.

HOW do we do it? Our approach is based on trust – for each other and for those with whom we work. As a collective we share the same values, respect each other and each other’s perspectives. We continuously learn from each other. We draw on significant, divergent experience across fields of learning and knowledge development to help shape and build organizations and movements committed to driving social change.

Working with you

  1. RED can work with you to support your critical reflection on your organizational purpose and practice.  We work with you to identify problems, issues, challenges and future visions. Together we then co-create solutions using new perspectives. We are deeply aware of the distorting role of power and inequality in organizations and relationships and believe this needs to be acknowledged before devising inclusive approaches. Our context is always social justice. 
  2. We can support you to effectively understand and develop communication channels which meet the needs of your organizational members, partners and others. We can support the process of reshaping and refreshing the means by which your organization expresses its values and ethos externally.
  3. Conventional learning totally ignores the democracy of the classroom – we are co-creators and facilitators. We value the contribution of all in the development of knowledge-making necessary for social change. Our context is always facilitating learning that leads to action.
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